Alraneen media  & IT Development

Bahraini company specialized in information technology

Accessible pricing

We place great emphasis on making apps and websites accessible and thus offer prices that enable even startups and sole entrepreneurs to set their online presence affordably.

Outstanding services

From interior design to System development, we offer you specialized services in varying sectors, rarely to be found in the region’s market.

Comprehensive packages

Our versatility allows us to offer you what you need in one neat package. We can start from designing your company’s theme to printing your advertisement.

Effective adaptation

We never shy away from adapting to the customer’s needs and integrating new services, using new technologies whenever they fit better.

The best team of industry experts skilled in Development & Design

Alraneen is a Bahraini company specialized in information technology, design and advertising. We seek leadership in Bahrain and Gulf markets through flexibility in development and competitive pricing. We focus on satisfying our customers’ needs by choosing the optimal and most efficient tools

Mobile Development
We Offer Affordable Web Design Services To Small Business/SME/SMBS
Web development
Designing Software Or Applications To Run In A Web Browser
Graphic Design
Graphic design services for promotional and marketing materials
Website hosting
We Provide Hosting for your website via annual payment
Brand Identity Design
Involves creating a distinct identity for a product or service
3D Architectural
Visualize your building plans in a whole new dimension with a rendered 3D
Social Media management
We make your life easier by manage your business social media accounts
Search engine Optimization
We can let you be at the top rank of search engine websites

Production Process

How Alraneen Handle The Projects ?

Kickoff Meeting

the beginning

Our project team members will meet with all stakeholders from the client side. All aspects of
the project will be discussed and agreed upon including: project goals, project structure,
project plan, communication plan, roles and responsibilities, project risks management, etc.).

Requirement Consolidation/Brainstorming


As the app will be the front-end for your business, it is important and mandatory to have a
proper requirement analysis and information architecture which not only satisfies the target
audience’s requirement through the app but also provides a platform to present a user-
friendly medium to access data without much hassle.

Initial Client Approval


Review session takes place with the client to validate the Design against the goals and
requirements identified before, and with the design guidelines discussed. If it needs
modifications then we go back and work on it until it is approved by the client.

Design & Development


This is the stage where the application itself is created based on the approved design and
the functional requirements of the app. CMS will be configured, interactive forms will be
developed, e-commerce functions will be implemented, content will be uploaded, etc.

Final Approval & Delivery


Finally, we Submit the Project for Final Approval , if approved then we launch it on the proper IT infrastructure .

Alraneen Demos

Alraneen Demos

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A Vision Inside your dream house :

Our 3D modeling and design capabilities allow you to see how your house would look like in all its glory after its completion, allowing you to give feedback and match your needs and expectations.

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